October 26, 2022


The broker’s payout size for binary options relies on the selected trading asset. The interest rate for currency pairings is from 32% to 91%, while the rate for commodities is 36%, and the rate for cryptocurrencies ranges from 10% to 40%. The interest payments for OTC are as follows: 79-92% for currencies, 96% for commodities, and 17-92% for stocks. A trading account allows you to concurrently maintain any number of open trading transactions for every accessible expiration date of the specified asset class. Under normal market conditions, the interaction duration is 0 to 4 seconds.

Clients utilize Pocket Options proprietary technology as a terminal accessible in PC, mobile, and online versions. The broker offers the well-known MetaTrader 5 platform for Forex trading. A broker allows the creation of only one trading profile.

According to the traders union, Convenient Pocket Option Services include:

  • “The Market” This is a specific part of the personal account where you may purchase tools to boost the profitability of your trading (such as a bonus on the balance, a bonus code for account replenishment, etc.);
  • “Plenty of crystals.” Active weekend users are eligible for free participation in the automated crystals drawing. Additionally, they may be utilized to acquire several trading incentives;
  • “Crystal mining.” This feature allows you to earn crystals by mimicking the trades of other traders. For every replicated transaction, you will receive one piece of crystal, which may be exchanged for different trading benefits on the Market.
  • “Trading indicators.” Recommendations for trading binary options based on a technical examination of the marketable worth of financial assets.


  1. Minimum deposit available;
  2. Availability of social trading;
  3. Various bonus offers, contests, and tournaments for clients.

The firm provides binary options with expiration dates ranging from one minute to four hours.

Account types

Novice Trader

A “beginner trader” account has a balance of less than $100 and a transaction limit of $1,000.


The account balance begins at $100 and provides access to the Crystal Lottery, express orders, and trading milestones.


It allows you to boost profits by 2% to the degree possible; it is an account with a $1,000 beginning balance and a more comprehensive selection of positions in the company’s Market.


The starting sum is $5,000. Returns of transactions with a discrepancy of 1 pip, up to a maximum of $10, and expedited withdrawal processing are possible. The maximum transaction value is $2,000, and a 4% increase in earnings is conceivable.


The maximum amount per transaction is $3,000. Additional perks include the return of trades with a difference of 1 pip and up to $50, immediate withdrawal processing priority, and a personal manager; an account with a minimum deposit of $15,000 and a 6% profit rise.


The customer receives an 8% rise in profitability, the refund of transactions with a difference of 1 pip (up to $100), and a high processing priority for withdrawals, premium gifts, and personal discounts in the Market. The maximum transaction amount is $5,000; the opening balance for this account for professionals is $50,000.

MT5 Forex

It is available for the profiles “Experienced,” “Master,” “Professional,” and “Expert.” Leverage ranges from 1:10 to 1:1,000, and the floating spread begins at 1.1 pips. Exists a currency trading account for clients with deposits over $1,000?

A demo account allows you to practice trading, test new techniques, and investigate the platform’s possibilities without risking funds.

The Pocket Option broker provides traders of all expertise with binary options and Forex with a selection of trading accounts.

Pocket Option Promo Codes

As it is, Pocket Option subscribers may only receive one discount voucher. Customers may receive a 50% bonus on their initial deposit using the 50Start promo code, which can be accessed on the site. Users who have never deposited before are ineligible for the coupon code.

In addition, during certain months, you’ll have access to even more discounts and coupons. Therefore, you should keep looking for vouchers for the promo codes for pocket option.


Pocket Option provides seven account options with a $5 minimum deposit. All accounts include social trading, with tremendous rewards, an infinite total amount, an unlimited number of open transactions, and the option to speak with other traders. Accounts vary concerning the permitted minimum balance and extra choices.

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