April 26, 2022
digital marketing

With digital marketing, the business of companies is experiencing a revolution. Hit by the health crisis, each company had to revisit its way of communicating, and had to adapt to very changing news. The economic crisis is making itself felt, and marketing and communication managers must redouble their efforts and creativity to make their company’s brand recognizable and clearly visible. The importance of direct commercial action is decreasing sharply in favor of marketing action, and more specifically of Digital Marketing action. With the successive confinements and the explosion of telework, digital channels are today the main lever of communication. You can contact Digital Marketing Services Agency.

So, how to make acquisition on the web, give personality to your brand, and maintain an effective link with your prospects and your customers? We give you our best tips for performing!

Tip #1: Create your digital marketing plan

Digital Marketing moves the lines of business and enterprise. Between organizational developments, change management, new tools, new practices and new skills, the subject is rich. Also, before you start, we advise you to establish a strategy to determine the axes and actions in order to establish a strategy and an implementation plan. This will allow you to make the right choices, to implement a sequencing of the most effective actions to quickly generate value, and to measure your ROI.
Digital marketing is used to attract prospects and customers on the web, more precisely it comes to re-enchant their experience as a user on the web. There are many digital levers, here is a list of the main means of acquisition:

  • The discovery of your products and your services with your websites (merchant site, showcase site, blog, etc.) and mobile applications.
  • Adherence to your brand with social networks.
  • Visibility on Google with SEO (natural referencing on search engines), and SEA (paid referencing).
  • Inbound marketing and marketing automation. It is an effective way to make relevant content potentially of interest to your targets visible at the right time.
  • Lead nurturing. The objective is to provide content according to the purchasing maturity of your leads and to maintain the link with targeted email campaigns in particular.

Tip #2: Create content for lead generation

In the huge playground represented by the web, there are more players every day than the day before. The competition is dense and it is necessary to choose your positioning carefully. Storytelling is one of the foundations for a successful digital marketing strategy. It has doubled in importance with the rise of web marketing and social networks. This tells the story of your brand and how you want to stage it. Even if advertising in its classic form still exists, companies are increasingly speaking out by directly soliciting their users, in a spirit of authenticity and dialogue. In line with your storytelling, you should define your targets and your editorial line.Targeting your messages is necessary so as not to disperse your efforts and your budget.

Tip #3: Conquer space with Google!

To begin with, it is necessary to make your products and services visible on the web, in order to be identified by your prospects as a relevant actor who can respond to their problems. Google is the first search engine, which makes it a valuable tool to make your business visible on the web. All potential leads search the web as soon as their need arises. For this, your services or products must appear in the first positions of Google results. Solutions such as Ranxplorer or Semrush in finding the best keywords to position your offers are very useful. Optimize the natural referencing of your site and create paid advertisements via Google Ads. To improve your natural referencing,the best option is to create a blog to offer quality content to your targets. The other criteria concern the download speed of your pages, and the overall technical performance of your website.

Tip 4: Communicate with social networks to enlarge your community

Social Selling allows you to detect and accelerate your business. It is not necessary to be present on all social networks, choose those that best resemble your targets. The SMO refers to all the actions you will take on social networks to create your community and get people talking about your brand. The interest of an SMO strategy is to be designed to generate traffic to your website and interest in your products and services. For this, it is necessary to create content that attracts your audience, and create conversations on topics around your field of activity. The SMO seeks to increase the volume of your audience on your publications (excluding advertising). This is called “organic reach”.SMA (social media advertising) is the advertising that you will broadcast via social networks (Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc.) by creating sponsored posts.

Tip 5: Maintain the link with your visitors

Each visit to your website should be an opportunity to learn more about your leads. The idea is simple: if a prospect is interested in your content, it means that he is potentially interested in your expertise. Thus, content is an opportunity to collect information about your leads. This information can be left explicitly, via call-to-action, a landing page or a form; or implicitly through web tracking and analysis of customer journeys. This “inbound” marketing is called Inbound Marketing. To learn more about your visitors, the best solution is to offer fresh content. Here are some suggestions:

An infographic on the key figures of your sector of activity.
A white paper on your expertise.
A blog post that describes a fundamental trend observed in your field.
A case study on an assignment you have carried out in the past including a client testimonial.

Tip 6: Target your messages with your emails

Emailing is a lever widely used in digital marketing. It brings together all the uses of email in the field of online advertising and customer acquisition. Emailing is also used for customer loyalty, activation of customer accounts, etc. When sending publications by email, little thought is given to everyday emails, even though it is a company’s primary communication channel with 75 emails exchanged per day and per employee. To promote your company on the emails of your employees, the email signature is on the rise. It is used to control your brand image on each outgoing email from your company, and to relay your news. In addition, communication is carried by your best ambassadors, your employees.

The relevance of the object,
Knowledge of the sender,
Confidence in the sender,
Personalization of the object.

In all respects, the emails of your employees meet the above criteria. This is the best way to maintain the link with your leads and customers. The relationship carried by the emails of your employees is thus personalized, qualitative, human, and non-intrusive. A simple and effective way to self-promote your brand.



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